Spotlight is a great way to be seen, as well as direct clients your agent also uses SPOTLIGHT to submit you for work and we recommend this to increase your child's work within the industry. Aswel as providing a wider range of jobs there is a huge focus on TV & Film work. Often we get briefs where casting directors insist on NO email submissions and we can only submit the children with SPOTLIGHT accounts.

If you are already a SA Model please email and ask for spotlight forms to be sent to you.

Spotlight is the UK's most popular professional casting directory. 
We have been promoting performers to casting opportunities since 1927.

Only performers with recognised training or experience can join Spotlight. This is 
why it is the first choice for anyone casting a professional TV, Film, Stage, Radio or Commercial Production.

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A Spotlight Profile

When you become a member of Spotlight, you will have a full professional profile, plus photo(s) and multimedia on and will also appear in our iconic books.

Your online profile can be seen by the hundreds of industry professionals who use Spotlight's online services daily


How can my child join?

Only children who are represented by an agent or who attend a stage school who have previously contacted us are eligible for Spotlight membership, which is why we are the casting community's most trusted database of young performers.

Speak to your child's agent or school to arrange Spotlight membership. 5 years and over.

How much does it cost?

Membership for a child artist is £96.00 (inc. VAT) for a whole year in Spotlight (2016-2017 edition). That's less than £1.85 per week for ongoing promotion to hundreds of casting opportunities.

When will payment be taken?

If you have not been in Spotlight before you are entitled to a 30 day cooling off period before any payment is deducted. You may cancel your application at any time during this period. The 30 day cooling off period - and your membership - starts when your CV is published on our website, and we'll take payment 30 days after your CV is published.

Please see our terms and conditions.

How do I know my child's details are safe?

Access to Spotlight's online database is only available to vetted industry professionals. We never print or disclose personal details for any of our members. Your child's agent/stage school, or you, can decide when it is appropriate to give out a viewing link to their page.

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